Try My New Game! Need Feedback!

I have been working on this for about 7 months now, it’s not done but it’s ready to be played. I worked extremely hard on this!

Play here

Use arrows to move!
Make sure to turn on your music, the music matches the game!

The shop is not finished.

Thank You! Please leave feedback below!

I would really appreciate feedback! @grazer @“Mhx Ar” @“JR 01”

Please guys!

I may not be one of those people but I can definitely say. .
this game is fun to play!
I like the look of the menu and the controls,
but the combination of the small amount of gap between the rocket and whatever’s on top and the speed of the rocket will make it harder for people to react on oncoming obstacles
[which probably made the game kinda like those “trial and error” games]

Thank you! @Hiro-kun

The game is supposed to be a bit challenging.

absolutely amazing this game is just… perfect excellent job


Yes, I do agree with you, this game is amazing! But, this topic was created about 2 years ago, and typically we try to avoid bringing up dead topics.

It’s fine though, maybe you didn’t realize, just next time try and look at the time of the last reply and judge if it would be appropriate to bring it back up. :wink:


Here is a more recent topic regarding this game, you probably could get away with bringing this one up because it was such a big thing when it was active.

And, if anyone gets mad at you you can just blame me :wink: