Try my new game: Shove!

This is a little side project so that I can have something out while I make my other game, which will take longer than this one to make. Currently, there is only a 1v1 mode that you can play with a friend. Arrow keys for player 1 to move, and space for player 1 to shove. WASD for player 2 to move and Q to shove. Try to get the other player to fall into the lava. I’ll be adding a bot mode, with different levels of hardness. I might be adding the bot mode tonight, maybe tomorrow, but I’d most likely be doing the different levels of hardness tomorrow. You can play it here: Enjoy!

Shoving doesn’t do anything?

yeah this game sucks im not working on it anymore

nah the game has tons of potential! i just dont see the AI doing that well but 1v1 mode would be tons of fun, almost like thumb war… lol

@soethan1 damn thanks man! I might keep working on it, gonna add back 1v1

You deleted it? I really wanted to play the game :frowning:

I Did’nt Get To Play It

R.I.P (must have 20 characters)

i might redo this im bored lol