Try out Horizon Z! + Polls and Updates

New zombies game in the makes, try it out! if you have any suggestions or find any bugs, let me know :slight_smile:

Made by: @ShadowGaming, @MelloJello, @Blackhole_1001, and @edwardi.


Wow this is cool

The ceremonial :upside_down_face:

Jk lol

what am i supposed to do with this?

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Still waiting for an explanation…

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Hmm, no one has any suggestions or bugs. :upside_down_face: @browngr @LogicStudioz1 @MetaNinja @glowbug @Baconcat008 @AbstractGallery @Johnny_boy ?

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You could add party commands, like a follow, surround or stationary commands to have better control over your teammates. Also would be nice to have it so that if your teammates get too close to you they move around you instead of pushing you around.
As for bugs no enemies spawned after the first round and my teammates played Yahtzee in the corner and refused to get out of it.

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What do you mean by party commands? and The enemies not spawning after rounds is normal, each round you have time before the next round of zombies spawn. and ill remove the corner thing.

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I like the use of the username… however you should adjust the alignment to the left because the name was cutoff. Obviously with longer names it will get cut off regardless, but just an idea.


I just fixed that a few minutes ago, anything else?

Just ways to tell your teammates what to do because they often just run around an occasionally hit targets.
You can come up with different commands like defense position where they surround you or a follow where they follow you.


Align them all to the left and even with the edge of the bar… like this:



Okay thank you. :slight_smile:

Oh cool that’s very cool, ill have to restart the code though, ill figure it out. But, if they dont ever hit targets, how would you have a chance to actually LOSE the game?

Well you could make them deal less dmg so that they can still hold up against a few enemies but you’ll need to do most of the work, If they did hit everything then the player could just sit back and do nothing.

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OHHH okay, so your saying make them miss a few times or just make them deal less damage, okay

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Yeah, don’t make them look like they’re using an aim bot but try to make them more useful, their only hobby is to play Yahtzee in the corner. I think they should feel a bit more like drones instead of people, which sounds kinda rude but it would make the player’s teammates feel a lot more useful in certain situations. Right now they just feel like a really bad run and gun player.

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Okay so make them not god like, but make them feel more human and useful…makes total sense lol, ill try my best, thanks xD

This game is awesome. I figured out that if you go solo then you get all the points, making it so you can buy basically everything. This is an amazing start, just needs a little bit more content. Also, the zombie sounds need to be turned down, and the bullets glitch through walls…

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