Trying to make an object point at a player

I am attempting to make a missile launcher constantly point at the player, and fire every couple of seconds. However, I can’t get it to work. At the moment I have inside the player behaviour a location set to pixels, with the x and y outputting into messages. These messages are received at the missile launcher and then sent into a PointAt behaviour. The launcher is set to movable and has gravity disabled.

Here is my game:

The problem is in level GTWO5.

Please help.

and of course, I cannot forget the obligatory


Tbh, your game is actually pretty neat since it has 4 unique games. I wish I could help with the pointing of the laser, but since I can’t, I’ll at least say you made a pretty interesting game :slight_smile:

Hi Edotion,

Perhaps you could try using the ‘extractor’ within the behaviours of the ‘HRLAUNCHER’. You should be able to extract the x and y values of ‘PlayerG2’ with an ‘Always’ trigger at the start.

This will tell the ‘HRLAUNCHER’ the exact co-ordinates of where the man is, you can also use your idea of ‘Point At’ and then add a timer on repeat to emit the missiles.

Great stuff.

Many thanks


Eeek! It works! Thank you so much!