Turn Based Game?

I was wondering how to make a game based on turns and not on real time events. I will appreciate any advice

look (its buggy) http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/415073

So here’s one way you could do it:

  1. Create a player object and some enemies
  2. Put switches in front of your player controls
  3. When the player takes an action, turn off the switches and send an “enemy start” message to the enemies
  4. When the enemies get an “enemy start” message, they can take one action then send a “player start” message to the player, which turns his controls back on. You can add a bit of delay with a timer if you want the enemy turn to last longer.

Here’s an example:


is there a way to make enemies move towards you using this technique?

Yes, the enemies can move however you like. There are various ways to make an enemy chase you.

Here is a simple example, by pointing the enemy at the player and moving forward: http://flowlab.io/game/view/188859

Here is a more sophisticated example, moving the enemy without changing its direction by comparing the enemy and player positions:

Thank you very much! This will definitely be in one of my new boss battles