Turn off chase behavior when-? Please help

So what’s going on is, when ever my character hits the chasing slime ball with his projectile, i want it to stop chasing and impulse backwards ten velocity. I don’t know how to turn off the chase behavior, please help.

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By the way, the Custom Bundle contains the chase behavior.

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Welcome to the forms Deadllama!

You can add a switch behavior to it to make it stop and then a timer behavior to make it chase again.


Thank you glowbug, but there’s still an issue.

I wanted to turn it off completely, and then when the chase behavior is turned off, have it impluse back -10 velocity.

Also this is not my first time on forms, (im a 2018 user, but i make lots of accounts)

Oh, then all you need to do is remove the Timer then add a Number with the value -10 connected to an Impulse. Then connect the Collision to the Number.

Also, make sure the switch in on, I forgot to do it in the screenshot before.

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