Tutorial : Behaviors To Make A Simple RPG

1 : Player Movement
2 : NPC/ Object Interaction
3 : Room Entering


NextRoom Object Behaviors

Good job!!!

Very nice, thanks!

Suh-Weet Mate, I will probably make an Undertale Style game using this so thanks!

Great! I’m using this to create a Paper Mario style game!

Good job bro!

number one won’t work for me i cant move my character up or down without him continuously moving by himself.

I wonder if Tommy ever made that Undertale RPG, because I made an Undertale battle system, and I could easily rebuild it on Flowlab, besides the text part. Actually, I should request this as a new feature.

@ThePigLord01 thats because the keys are not set to repeat. You can fix this by clicking the key behaviors and checking “repeating”

@jngthree I did that and it still wont work my character still does the same thing. I have a screenshot of what is looks like.Screenshot 2016-08-26 at 7.21.42 AM

@“Mhx Ar” me? I dont remember talking about making an Undertale RPG

I mean, maybe I did though, i have the worst memory

oh wait nvm
just saw my earlier post


Hey @ThePigLord01 can you post a link to the game? It’s a lot easier to help that way. Also I like that your behavior layouts are very organized - that makes it much easier to understand

You do have clean wiring. I have a bad habit of having a huge mess of crossed wires, and sometimes I accidentally cut the wrong wire and break the game. I once made a single character with so many behaviors, that you could zoom out all the way, and scroll through a thick cloud of mess for a good hour, and never figure out how it works. That way, nobody can copy my work, I guess.

@grazer sure thing here is the link https://flowlab.io/game/view/48904