Tutorial: How to Edit/Play games on IOS! (For free on FlowLab!)

Sick and tired of using apps that aren’t quite like FlowLab? Trying various downloads but can’t get it right? Well now It’s simple!

Step 1: Go to the AppStore and type in “Puffin web browser” and download the free version.

Step 2: Don’t just go on the app and type in Flowlab.io because it won’t work! You have to tap the 3 dots in the RIGHT TOP CORNER. Then tap upgrade. Then sign up for your 14 day free trial. And BAM! You’re ready!

Step 3: Once you’ve verified your account type in Flowlab.io, Log in, and… Perfecto! It works!

Okay so that’s it! You can use this will Grazer (Hopefully) makes FlowLab IOS compatible.

(Did you know: I’m on Puffin RIGHT NOW!)

(I actually bought the 6 month version instead of the free trial, but I tested it with both, BOTH WORKING!)

You can Thank me later :wink:

Cool find, but for mine it blocks halve the screen :confused:

Interesting… What IOS device are you on?