Tutorials I made for my students

Hi, I’m a teacher and this was my first year using Flowlab in the classroom. It’s cloud based nature was a life saver for my virtual students. I recorded a few video tutorials (we did 4 projects and I guided them through all of the steps) and wanted to share in case anyone was interested. I listed the platformer project first because by then I actually knew what I was doing. It guided students through creating a game with 3 levels with music, collectables, start and win screen, enemies that move, help screen, NPC’s that talk, etc.

The other tutorials get the job done but watching them now, I see that I could have done a few things better (I plan to rerecord them over the summer).

Platformer Project (Final Project) - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqOzVdnkJUwMfwI-VMt36cQRF8-CM0ue1

Clicking Game (Beginner) - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqOzVdnkJUwMjxkQjvDzlUP3IFRqvvWfr

Maze Game (Intermediate) - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqOzVdnkJUwOTj5b6v-b9MOlQp2VIspJ2

Meteor Mayhem (Intermediate) - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqOzVdnkJUwNoTioaWG58mkfJBLOWsDO5


This is great for new users, thanks for helping out the community and sharing!


@MrVargas Thank you so much for sharing this resource, these tutorials are great!

If you do re-record them this summer, I have a small suggestion. It’s quite possible that you already noticed this, but just in case: The MouseMove logic in the first episode of Meteor Mayhem could be simplified by using “game coordinates” in the MouseMove block instead of “Screen Coordinates”. This way you don’t need to calculate the camera coordinates manually.

I’m compiling a list of resources from the community that I intend to add to the site - do you mind if I include your tutorial series?


Thanks for the tip. I will add that modification (among others) when I redo these. Yes, feel free to use whatever you want in whatever way you wish.