Tutorials With G (Returns!)

Hey guys, my name’s G, as you may or may not know, and I have been off of Flowlab.io for a while now, since my admin has been keeping me away from it due to ‘games.’ It’s still doing that, but I can go into guest mode to keep the admin off of my work. So, I wanted to come back by sharing my knowledge with you guys, which isn’t very much, but I still hold a good title as a pretty experienced coder.

Working radio that flips through channels-

Working mine
These aren’t all of the tutorials though! I’ll post them all on this front page so that you don’t have to hunt through the comments to find what you want.

New Tutorials!
Working Dialogue!
Click on a sprite, and they will present a set of labels across the page, with instructions on what to press to go through with that.
Mouseclick–> SwitchOn–> Keyboard for letters hooked up to their according switch–> Turn off every switch after choice–> Repeat the process for complete conversation!

If you guys have any questions about my instructions, or would like to know how to make one of these, just message me or comment on this post! (=

Radio is back!
Screenshot 2019-12-07 at 6.48.20 PM
This radio has 20 channels. For a closer look, go to this link:
Check out the library, and go to the Radio sprite.

What do you guys want tutorials for?

Maybe NPC?

What kind? NPCs can do lots of things:
Shop, random civilian, player companion, etc.?

I was thinking enemies, cause my friend needs help with them in his game, superfighters.io

I am HORRIBLE at making companions that follow you around and help you on your journey I’ve tried multiple times and failed horribly

Okay. Companions can be difficult, but I’ll manage. Also, sorry, I was taking a quick break from Flowlab. I’ll be back on it, expect your enemy by tomorrow. And for the companion, possibly by the end of the week. (=

ok thanks

I can help with Companions actually, as I’ve made them in some games before