Two outputs in save

There’s only one output for both inputs. I really don’t like that :frowning:

Okay? So what are you expecting else to come out of it? When you save, it puts a number inside of the box. When you load, it pushes the number outside of the box. There’s not really any reason that there should be a second node for output.

There’s only one output for the on-off switch, and that has three inputs. Were you hoping there to be three outputs on that too?

If you save, it outputs the saved value. If you read, it outputs the read value. They both send it to the same output. So I have to use two save behaviors if I want two different outputs. If there are two outputs I only have to use one behavior block (and that’s what i want).

Also, switches don’t send an output value so they can’t have an output. I just don’t want all inputs sending the values to the same output.

Use a different save with the same setting

DUDE WTF! Read what I said omfg.

Use 1 for outputting only reads and use the other for saving

Simple as that

Either I’m really tired or this doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

If you save 1, the box has a 1 in it, and a 1 comes out. If you load, it loads the 1 and a 1 comes out. It will always load a 1 until a new save is made. If you save a 2, a 2 comes out, and now a 2 will come out if you load.

What are you trying to accomplish that I’m missing? You said you’re using 2 saves, so are you filtering high scores into an interlocking save system, where one save saves, but the other save won’t save the load unless the score is higher than the old save, and that new save 2 overwrites save 1? If so, then I guess I understand your struggle, because that bothered me a bit when I made Turk Hunt. I had to have a double filtered double save in a figure 8. You want the save to have a save out, so that nothing comes out unless you load, unless you actually have a reason to have the save come out, which you shouldn’t, since you could just hook the number to whatever the save out would hook to. Realistically you only want the load to come out.