Two player controlled characters on screen possible?

My game:

I have an astronaut and a lander. Each has behaviors, which I want to be able to control with one player/ one keyboard. However, the lander doesn’t work, but the astronaut does.

Basically I did what this video says to do and the lander won’t move.

Put the out of your UP number into FORWARD instead of Y, and set that number to something like 75 and you should be good to go.

That worked perfectly, Steeph323. Thanks kindly!

cool concept of a game, I recommend though, that you change the lander controls to something simpler like WAD (W=up, A=left, D=right) instead of ZXC. You don’t have do it, its just my opinion and recommendation. I just feel like WAD controls would be easier to use. @Melville

I think you’re right, henf25. That finger placement makes more sense. Also, thanks for the kind words. I like your wrestling game.

Happy to help, @Melville

How do u make a health bar? :b

make one controlled by left, right, up and one controlled with spacebar, A, D