Two problems I'm facing.

First off, I want it so players can earn points when they’re in a certain proximity of an object, and I’ve also made it so the score counts up number by number instead of instantly popping to the value it should be at, but whenever I go to the proximity the number will just keep rising and rising, and even when I leave the proximity it keeps rising and I can’t stop it. See the image below.


Also, I want a behavior to trigger when you click your mouse, but when I set it to “down” on the mouse, if you click and hold it’ll continually power the behavior, when I only want it to happen once, I couldn’t get this to work with switches.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 9.40.17 PM

I can’t tell from the screenshot: is the output of the switch connected to its off input? Are you saying the switch is allowing the mouse input to trigger, even once it’s turned off?

@grazer Its not connected like that, Im just trying to make it so something gets triggered once on a single click, so the user is unable to click and hold to continually power the behavior.

(Im sure this is poorly explained without seeing what Im talking about)

Will this work?:

  1. Connect the mouse down to the switch in
  2. Connect the mouse up to the switch on
  3. Connect the switch out to the switch off

Now when you click the mouse, the switch will output and then turn itself off until you release the mouse button.

@grazer Well the switch works, but not what I’m trying to turn on, I’m trying to use an emitter. Not very specific but I’ll try to figure it out.

Edit: Okay that’s fixed, still having issues with the first problem.