I had a question. Have tycoons ever been successfully created on flow lab? If there was could anyone give more pointers on how to make one. I got some of it started with droppers and stuff like the tycoons from Roblox, but I could use some advice.

It would seem like a very big project @ManiacPumpkin . I do not know exactly how to make one, but I wish you luck someone who does comes around :lol:

wouldn’t it be kinda like the shops that everyone says is “easy”

@MagmaDude100 Ive done a shop in my game its easy wants you know how to do it.

Just like use a number behavior that adds in as you gain items, the more items you gain the quicker the value goes. Once that value gets to a point have a collision behavior so when you touch it, it starts a new number behavior that starts going up. Idk I’m new to this, just trying to help somewhat

Thanks for the information, but I already had an idea. When the player collects enough cash or more it will send a signal to one of the dropper’s so you can buy it. It also subtracts money away from your current cash so it’s like a basic tycoon in Roblox. Also, I made it so after you buy a certain dropper or item, others will appear so you can’t progress into the game unless you buy the previous upgrade.

Did you already make this? If yes, please send a link, I want to try it out! Thanks!

I only have a few droppers made and so far it’s just and example. The art isn’t that good, but when I get the main parts I’ll turn it into a game. http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/1154415

All I have so far are just the droppers and I was wondering what kind of tycoon should it be, like a hotel tycoon or even a house tycoon. I thought about a treehouse tycoon, but it seemed a little difficult to make. I’ll think I’ll try the tree house and if anyone else has a backup idea, let me know.

There could be store, amusement park, a workshop, airport, taxi cabs… That’s all I can think of right now.

I mean, I could make those kind of things, but I’m kind of limited since the game is 2d based

It actually wouldn’t be too hard to make it 3D -ish. You can see it in my game, A Box, which uses 3D looks, but is actually only 2D sprites. You can do that, but with no horizon line, so that the whole screen can be the area of the game instead of the floor like in my game. You can see it here:


Hope this helps, also, that game is not finished, and is the newest of Plymouth Interactive, the same brand that A Boy in Armor is, which is story games. You can actually find my discussion about Plymouth Interactive Fables, which is here:


I had to plug something in somewhere. Thanks!

Thanks, I actually had an idea sort of like that, but know I think I’ll do it. Thanks for the idea.