UI Asset Pack - PixelPizza

Hi! I am Samuel Tom (aka PixelPizza), and I made a UI Asset Pack that contains more than 230 User Interface Icons! :smiley:
And it is with a 50% discount for 48 hours!

All icons have a coherent art style and are respectively named, so you don’t need to endlessly scroll to find the perfect icon.

245 Individual Icon sprites, respectively named and ready to use (32x32 and 16x16).
Full sprite sheet (32x32 and 16x16).
Source files included (Aseprite File).
By purchasing you support the creation of more assets!

Link: https://samuel-tome.itch.io/ui-asset-pack

I hope it helps you!


Hey @PixelPizza awesome! Sadly though, I’m broke and I can make them myself. Sorry! :confused:

Thanks anyway @meburningslime :wink:

Hey @PixelPizza - on another note, are you doing the flowjam? I do believe that the only active, formiddable opponent in it are you, me, JR 01, and maybe PixelMasterStudios.

I will keep that as a secret @meburningslime

I also made an Example Game that uses the Assets!
Link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1456426

@PixelPizza bad idea…
You can now just steal them by downloading them from the game lol!!!

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@PixelPizza so I wasted 3 hours spamming random numbers into the flowlab game links…
searching for this…

These are awesome, man. Next time I get my hands on any spare cash I’ll be sure to buy it

That’s an old game for the first Flowjam. @meburningslime

@“Lyndon Bork” Thanks, glad you like them! :smiley:

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Hey everyone! :blush: My User Interface icons asset pack is now 40% off for itch.io Summer Sale 2021 :beach_umbrella:

asset pack game

Link: User Interface Icons Asset Pack by Samuel Tomé


Thank you and Peace :v: :herb:


People can still steal the art because it’s an open source game… I’m not but others might be. Just so ya know


The icons on the game are less than 20% of all the icons, so no worries - but thanks for heads up :slight_smile:


You could give each sprite a huge amount of useless animations so when someone tries to download it or something they get a friggin huge sprite pack. If they don’t have any editing or cropping software then they would be kinda screwed.
Just an idea.


But that’d take so much time for Pixel Pizza.

And all I’d have to do is screen shot, crop, crop to 32x32, and import-

But when you screenshot it, crop it, and resize it to 32x32 the pixels get corrupted and could have transparent edges or something. Trust me, I’ve tried doing it before with surviv sprites before and it doesn’t always end up working too well.
Which I know it is a lot more work and mainly said it as a joke, but it could still work in a way.