Ultimate decision!

  • Hardees
  • Carl’s Jr

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Are these restaurants?

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You don’t recognize either, @meburningslime ?

I have food allergies so I don’t eat out often lol
I think I’ve heard of Carl’s Jr that’s why I asked

Ah. Yes, they are restaurants. You might look up Hardees vs Carl’s Junior. Its a famous rivalry.

I choose Outback.


Oh no, what have I done…
Jr is here now I’m going back into my hole called the otc.

Calrs Jr and Hardees are the same restaurant,
Ones in the West and the other’s in the East.

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Ok… Then they should be cooperating not fighting. Bad business. Anyways gonna go flee into my hobbit hole.

Yep. :grin: Also, it’s just a fun little battle of the fans. The business is not actually competing with itself

I actually never heard of those. Wow, you learn something new everyday, lol.


me neether i copied a vote then