Umm I got gravity problems

In an attempt to make a game with multiple levels we ran into an issue, one level we were making was required to have a lower gravity then the rest however, when we attempted to change the gravity it changed for every level as if the gravity is a uniform setting. We would like to know if it’s possible to change the gravity for a specific level rather than all of them.

It isn’t a glitch or anything. It is what Flowlab does. The gravity stays the same in every level.

What I suggest doing is that in that one level, the jump height is a little higher. Sure, its going to go down to the ground faster than usual, but it is the best solution I can think of.

If that is a solution that you want, this what you have to do. But first, you need to make an object that is off screen. I suggest doing it in the UI Layer. This is what you’ll need to do.

The Off Screen Object
once - message (gravity) player

Mailbox (gravity) - number (a number little higher than the original jump height) (in) - number (jump height) (set)

I would do a screenshot but I am on chromebook right now. .-. (Flowlab is buggy on chromebook)
Hope this helps!

Just don’t use inform gravity and use a motor on the Y axis, you can use a message to change this for every level