Umm what the heck help

My code is triggering when THERE IS NO TRIGGER. @grazer

Um… Boi the output is the trigger.

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Does that mean global variables rigger themselves? In this, I’m switching the collision OFF on the start, then waiting two seconds to turn it on. THE SPRITE IN THE COLLISON ISN’T EVEN ANYWHERE NEAR THIS OBJECT.

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No, the input for the bundle.

there is no bundle, MBS

What’s that?

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The Once trigger
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He’s not talking about the once trigger. I think he is talking about the Global behavior.

That’s what is activating everything…

Oh lol, then yes the global activates all the globals.


Look again. It’s DEACTIVATING the collision

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Wait, legit? How do I stop this?

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Oh thank god. I added a switch to literally everything, and it works now.

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Ok good, sorry for the late response. Glad it worked.

You could just replace the globals with numbers and then set that number to be the global