Ummmmm... Indie users needed

I am exporting a game to pc, but I have had it building for over 12 hours. Does pc really just take a while, or does @grazer need to approve it or something?

Here is what is happening image

I think it just takes a while, I did one of my games and it took a long time I just left it alone over night and just waited until it was done.

Usually take 1 - 10 minutes.

Hey @grazer, is the export queue stuck again?

One I Did It, It Took Less Than A Minute

Then I would check again @sans7657

Hey, thanks for reporting the issue @JR01& @sans7657 - the Windows build queue was stuck, I’ve restarted it so it’s running again. It will probably take an hour or two to catch up since there are a bunch of games in there :frowning:


Thanks for helping us out @grazer. We CAN NOT do it without you :grin:


I got this bug a lot last year too