Unfortunate Cloaked News

Hello, everyone! If anyone here has heard about Cloaked, a game being developed for the 2023 Flowjam, it won’t be finished by the deadline.
Don’t worry, though. It isn’t being cancelled. We are still working on it, and plan to finish it at a later date.
The game was too ambitious to be finished in a 2 week time period, and will not be finished before the end of the Jam. If possible, we will make a demo version with the content available, but it’s not likely at this point in time. Regarding a previous post about the game related to Map Location Submissions, I just want to let everyone know that those are still open, and some locations have yet to be named. Again, if your name is chosen for the final release of the game, you will be mentioned in the Description of the game if you so please.

For anyone interested in the Naming “Competition”, you can find the previous post here:
Potential to be Featured in an Upcoming game Developed by Team Rezarg

And the Google Form Link Here:
Map Naming Submissions

If you have any questions, please, ask them below. I will try my best to respond with as best answers as I can. Have a great day, everyone.


Team Rezarg? so you are working in a team?




Nice! A team makes things easier, unless you get into a argument. So who are your team member?

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Right now just my cousin, we often work together when making games, I do the programming, and he comes up with most of the ideas and art concepts


Ah ok nice! Good luck on the jam!


I filled out the things! I really do hope this game gets finished, seems like it could be really fun