I’m currently uninspired for making games, plz give me some ideas

Out of nowhere, the entirety of the earth has died. Every plant that touched the sun is now dust. Every man that used to walk its ground is now crippled inside of the it. Not a single living thing… Except for the machines. They start to think for themselves, a government, cities, towns, and most important: Civilization. The world we left behind is now in their hands. That is, till a virus spreads into the circuits of these new beings. They become corrupt, and rabid. They are led by an AI, Thanatos (the name of the embodiment of death in Greek mythology), who was the creator of this virus. He believed that he, an AI, was the rightful heir of the throne of earth being as he is closest to man. One of the anti-virus machines must fight back… But who?

That’s my pitch. Can that work?

@rcreger ok honestly when I read Thanatos I immediately saw it as thanos. is this a coincidence? :lol:

That is exactly what I thought when I saw it @soethan1 :lol: That is why I added the parenthesis. Maybe that is what Marvel intended…

Decent idea @rcreger , anyone else?