Unkown - Discussion Thread

I’m working on a new game, and I’m going to need support to keep it going. The more people that play this, the faster updates will come out. Here you can post suggestions to improve my game, comments about my game, and questions about how I made it.

My game: [ http://flowlab.io/game/play/813963 ]

Hey @grazer, I’m having problems with the Run & Jump behavior packet. When my player hits a block just right, it doesn’t register the collision. Is this a glitch? If so, can you fix it?

I think it needs more animations… and the character doesn’t fit the rest of the game

Hey @“Tavin Yorgason” - I played it, and you have a good start. I can’t reproduce the jumping problem you’re describing.

@grazer I played his game when this happened when a collision happened between the play and the money It would destroy the money before it sent a message to the player to add $25. It strangely was temporarily. After something he added to his game it stopped happening. @“Tavin Yorgason” also pixel pizza is right when you grab something off of google images make sure it’ll fit with the game. :bleep_bloop:

I suspect that the issue may be the well-known “press and hold jump while in the air” problem that the built-in bundle suffers from. If you press jump, then pres again and hold it until you land, then you can’t jump again until you trigger another collision.

@PixelPizza I’ll see what I can do, and thanks for your suggestions.

Thanks @grazer. That’s what I was doing wrong.