Unnamed drawing


Not much to do atm, but Ill add more stuff later

@grazer my character cant jump… i think it has to do with him being more than 32 pixels tall…

That’s definitely a new one. I’ll look into that in about 4-5 hours when I get home. Might have a new bug for the buglist.

The way Im spriting is weird…

I draw my character in every pose he should make, then I scanned the document with Dropbox.B50A8E7C-7B05-48A7-B1CB-159A928E3F81

I then duplicate the image, and crop the image down to what Im using.

Then, using photoshop mix, I blend it with the background, making it seemlessly fit into the games style.

I then resize the image to what it needs to be.

Finally, I remove all the negative spacing! Done, and ready to upload!

You could do an all hand drawn game like cuphead

Thats what Im doing :smiley:

Basically; the story is simple…

The guy we see here is challenged to go against the world… but heres the twist- everything is a part of a childs imagination…

He drew some stuff, but hes imagining that its animated…

Maybe that, but there may not be a story… I havent decided yet

I’d be very surprised if you can actually finish this, considering that it’s a one-man project :astonished:
Looking great so far, good luck

I looked at your game, and I noticed two things.
If you want your character to jump normally, set gravity to 30 and impulse to 40.
Larger objects need a stronger impulse, which is why I hate using gravity.
Also, your character does touch the ground. It looks off, because of the color of the grass and feet matching the background paper color. Nice concept btw.


Thx… tbh spriting this way feels easier. Especially animating

That’s how I do it, or how I used to. Draw, scan, digitally color, shrink, pixelize, detail, and limit colors. Now I can draw on my wacom so I’ll skip a few steps.

I made the coins spin, and gave the character a jumping animation…
Eventually Im going to make a falling animation for him, too…

Just did the falling animation

I hope you’re using filter extract y speed for jump and fall animations. If you’re not, you’re doing it wrong. Y up for jump y down for fall, 0 is neutral (no animation). This will override the running animation so you’re not running in the air like most games seem to have. I started using this myself. That way there’s no jump stopping when you let go of jump.

@PixelPizza hint hint
Your game suffers from air running as well lol

Nope! It uses Y velocity… wait…

Yes, I already did that

That was done when I did the jumping

And he only plays the animation when hes falling at 4+, that way walking down a hill or something wont affect him