Update - added iOS GameCenter leaderboards

This was a relatively small update, but there is a new “Leaderboard” behavior that allows posting high scores to an Apple GameCenter leaderboard. I also moved the mobile-only behaviors into their own section named “Mobile Devices”.

WHAT!? Awesome!!!

Now we just need google play services

You know, even though this was quite possible before…

This means, we can have a fully functional achievement system

Back when saving first came out. I came up with a series of ways to make achievements work.

Basically each achievement would be saved as 0 (not achieved yet) or 1 (achieved)

If I’m correct, a possible new node would allow this to be carried on to google/Game Center to make this a heck of a lot more official.

I’m investigating that now

how do i use the leaderboards?

It can only be used on IOS games