Update: Mac export

I wanted a Mac build for profiling and testing, since I do most of my development on a Mac, so I went ahead and added that export option to the site.

Testing so far has been pretty minimal, so let me know if you try it and run into any issues. This didn’t involve any changes to the engine or editor, so no games should be affected by the update.

EDIT: Tropical Storm/Hurricane Gordon is hammering my neighborhood right now, so if we lose power then the build server might not be available tonight.

I’ll be sure to check on that as soon as possible.


Its pretty convenient that I just had my windows replaced with Mac.

Thanks @grazer

Was that feature priority :cry:

I’ll wait some more

No, it wasn’t a priority feature - but it was easy and I needed to do it to support some other efforts.

I’ve waited about 10 hours, it still hasn’t exported.

Hey @timothy06 - all builds should be complete. The storm knocked out my internet a few times last night, so the builds were kind of iffy. They should be good to go now though.

Wait is this dmg or for the appstore?

Edit: Nevermind.

It exports .app files that can be run directly, but you can pretty easily make your .app into a .dmg if you would rather have an installer.

It’s not my personal workstation, I have (multiple) dedicated build servers in my office. This is because they’re Windows and Mac machines, which are relatively more difficult/expensive to find hosted solutions for.

You are right that they generate a lot of heat though :sweat:

Hey, alpha isnt entirely working, @grazer

Run SB3, things are either fully solid or not there at all

You mean just on the Mac export, @CrimsonBlackGames ?


@grazer are all builds really dependent on if your computer is on? That seems rather odd of a choice. Are you just using your computer as a server host? Doesn’t it ever overheat from being on all the time?