Update: New Renderer, bug fixes

Okay, as of now, theres 7 different enemies you can spawn, however some of them are missing unique attributes they would normally have (IE the splitter not splitting when hit)

I plan to make some sort of boss system but the game is set up to only have one boss at a time, so I have to find a way to work around this without screwing with the game itself. Interestingly enough, you may find some interesting bugs if you poke around the editor, but if you really wanted to spawn in the boss ship, just click on the spawnpoint object, change a spawn node to the mothership, and then attemp to spawn the enemy you changed. I think that will be enough. Just avoid spawning it multiple times.


Cool, Thanks.
(I just had time to go fix the white thing now)
About the slide thing:
I mentioned it wrong. It only occurred when you were pressing the “a” or “d” + “s” it would never stop.
I don’t know why or how I didn’t see this before but oh well. It was my mistake. sorry.
I just fixed it.

Also the animations have keep on last frame.

@grazer Sadly disabling AdBlock doesn’t fix the issue, so I’ll just wait for the update. Thanks for responding though!

Hey @Bdarty - sorry I wasn’t clear. I wasn’t talking about Adblock, I meant the Ad Block - I assumed that you were using the add banner behavior in your game, since that is where the error is occurring.

In any case, I’m working on fixing it, so I’ll post an update once the fix is ready.

@grazer I just realized Zones Mode is actually most affected by the shooting bug

@Bdarty - android issue is fixed, I just rebuilt your android app and played it. Seems to be working fine now.

their is a bug where if u click on the behaviors section and try to move around the different behaviors, via click and drag, u will pick up a object on the actual game world layer, and i cannot add anymore behaviors for some reason @grazer

https://flowlab.io/game/view/709157 here is the game link

@grazer I just recently downloaded and ran it, and there seems to be another problem. It boots up, however it do so in a very slow state, and then crashes.

I re-downloaded an older version of the game from a while back and it booted up fine, given it had major performance issues.

I love the update! It’s really helped with the flip. It’s actually opened up a new door for a problem I’m having in my game… =D

@Bdarty - you’re still talking about the same game, on Android? If so I’ll check it out again - it was working great the last time I tested it.

Hey @grazer, can you make a generate download link so we can copy/paste the downloads for our game

@grazer Ya I’m talking about the same game. I’m pretty confused about the situation.

@grazer some more bugs: youll notice the main menu is not working correctly. Compare it with the browser. Numerous problems.

Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - I don’t understand, what do you mean by compare it to the browser? Are you talking about SB3?

Oh, right. SB3. I forgot.

@grazer my bad

Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - sorry, but I’m still confused. What do you mean by “compare it to the browser”? is it an exported version that is misbehaving? But the browser still works ok? If so, what platform is broken?

Mac is broken, but I assume it might be all of them