Update on stick boi come to see

There is a restart soon and i think i could do a better job on like the boss and levels
Enjoy until 10:00 on my time


9:22 for me lol I love this game also pretty fun,

but also make it WASD pls,

jus take the Movement bundle and turn left into “A” and right into “D” and up into “W”

i will make that happen @Deadly_Smile

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I just did that now, oh and have a great time playing!

Why the **** does it say made for 2023 flowjam???

i dose i did not put that, ugh my brother messed with it didn’t he :unamused:


bruh don’t use caps at me plz

why nots like I was yelling at you or somthing

Restart in 22 mins get ready for me to restart

Restart in 1 min get ready