Update V1.2 Coming Soon...

-a Scoreboard

  • Left & Right Arrows = Look Around
  • R = Restart Game
  • N = Next Level, (When ALL TARGETS are hit!!!)
  • Spacebar = Shoot
    Have Fun! :slight_smile:
    ~ Reece

I removed the scoreboard because of coding problems, but i will be able to add ammo with the gun. so stay tuned for that!!!

Ok, so I’ve added a ammo counter. it counts how many bullets you fired per level complete. but it doesn’t save, so if i were you, I’d write down your 3 scores for the 3 levels, and total them up. idk. just giving an idea. -\(c:)/-
Now, The Game is in V1.2!!! :smiley:

forgot to add the link to the game.