UPDATED: American Ninja Warrior

Looking for feedback on my game… let me know how to improve.

This game is pretty fun. One problem I had was that when i was on the moving platforms, i couldn’t always jump.

Wow, really nice @Bmarzi :slight_smile:

My only suggestion is that I think it would benefit from a smoother camera, maybe like this example: https://flowlab.io/game/play/810630

Yeah, I can’t figure that out… doesn’t seem to be anything in the behaviors.

@grazer I tried to copy behaviors because I like the delay of the camera, but now the player seems to glitch when he runs. Any ideas?

Very clean, I like it!

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Not sure if you fixed it already, but his running doesn’t seem to be glitchy when I play it.

Hey! Cool game! Nice work :smiley:

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OK, could be my connection. Thanks.

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Why, because of my organizational skills? It’s more of a curse than anything…

Also, it is the best way to do multiple skins.