Updates on Story mode

I added a pretty huge update today, featuring 2 new levels.

  1. The zombie room has been completed.
    OBJECTIVE: get out of the room.
    ENEMIES: Zombies. They turn around every 10 seconds, or when they collide to each other (or the wall, but sometimes they don’t). They can bite you, which damages you and makes you look green. If you can’t reach the medicine in the middle in 30 seconds (you’ll grow bloody in 15), you’ll die.
    ITEMS: Tons of freeze bomb supplies and a couple hard-to-reach tower of flame boxes. Collecting a freeze bomb supply will enable you to throw a freeze bomb with the F key, which temporarily freezes a zombie, and makes it possible to go past it (in case you’re ever trapped between them and the wall). A flame tower completely eliminates a zombie.
    OTHER: To get to the door, you have to collect the key on the far opposite side.


  1. The Fireball’s entrance into the drone base, where his friends are imprisoned.
    (Semi-boss fight)

Here, you’ll hear the mechanical voice again, but not see its source. Instead, the voice sends out Slayer, which is a red sphere like you, but has a darker color, headbands and a spear. You will need to fight him to advance to the next level. His movement is quite simple, he’ll dash around, jumping frequently, and turn around at intervals. If you’re directly in front of him, he’ll use a slash attack with his spear. Sometimes he’ll spawn four drones to attack you, and shoot large bullets in 8 directions.
-When you fight it, the screen will shake and various colors will flash. You will have different attacks and abilities this time, but the game will pause and give you time to read over the controls before you fight.

-The save feature doesn’t bring the life bar to the later stages yet, but that doesn’t matter for now.
*Idk why I used flowlab’s logo for the background.

Please give feedback if you can :smiley:

link? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah

*Btw, to skip the control pause just before the semi boss fight, you have to click the text box instead of pressing enter

  1. Zombie room. Honestly love the concept.
    I think you should add some effect to the screen (when you turn green) like veyns or just fade green… something that warns, disturbs a little bit of the vision and also makes it cool… I guess…

2. My eyes are hurting. No offense but I hate the flashy thing. You can kill someone with that. Epileptic seizure it’s a serious thing.

  1. What is the boss health bar? I suppose the blue one. The boss health just go to the 25% (sorry for this phrase). Even if i hit him with everyting it just doesn’t remove more hp.

  2. A bug: If i press “X” while jumping … The player moves and the flames continue there. (in the air)

  3. I don’t get what “C” key does… It’s a charge attack but it only happens an animation at the player… I don’t move or something. I’m not sure what is suppose to be.

I think thats all.
I like the Zombie room. Just needs a little touches.
Oh yeah and the wall jump. It’s not easy to do and not everyone understands that you should do walljump. What about stairs? Or a jump pad?

The boss’s health is the red one, and the blue one’s the charging bar. Pressing C fills it, and when it’s full, pressing the button again shoots out a laser blast that does huge damage.
I guess the boss level should be easier to comprehend, I was worried about that :sweat_smile:
I’ll add a trampoline for the wall jump, I guess. The flamethrower thing, idk how to fix that

The flashy thing was only added because everything looked a little dull without it, but if it hurts people’s eyes, then I guess I could remove it. :hushed:

Haven’t seen any updates from this, no idea how it got 10k plays so fast unless you just refresh it a lot while editing. Anyway, I did the wood door on the left and turns out spikes and water don’t kill you. The message pops up over and over, but you can keep going. Idk if you just never hit the spikes or water, but wanted to let you know about that bug.

How do you make the text appear on the scrolls