Updats u want pls

hi ilove flowlab i like the new updats


Hello, welcome to the forums!
A newer update is coming in a while too, most likely an art update!

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YES That’s good i need more art stuff

@meburningslime, I was talking to grazer about that on the discord and he said he hasn’t even finished planning that and is planning to working more on the website first.


But, he is getting a lot of requests for the editor and they’re all on trello now. It might be sooner than we think.

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Can confirm, that’s what grazer said

Okay, good to know. I do know he has said that he’s been taking a lot of requests for it and it’s on his to-do list, so that’s good.

um i mean like stuff u want added

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  • an free update
  • an rly good ud
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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: what.


that lllll ok ok ok ok ok

Uh, please speak English here? I have no idea what you’re saying-

um i am ok its good ok