Useful and Needed - Feauture Request

Hi, this is just me posting some really needed features that I need in order to make a quite good experience.
They are in order of importance (The ones I really need urgent are the first ones).

Fullscreen option:

  • Adaptive Fullscreen with “black bars” (if needed) for Windows Exported versions.
  • Windowed fullscreen for Online versions.

Sound behavior:

  • Pause sound
  • Resume Sound, where it was paused.
  • (Out) Exact seconds of playtime.
    /this would be useful to create various versions of the same track and have them play and switch between each other smoothly
  • Play at specific seconds (number)

Camera behavior:

  • Camera zoom in and out
    /this effect is barely possible with +100% scale behavior update, BUT having a real camera zoom would open a giant gate to future flowlab games and mechanics.

Object Bleding

  • Blending modes for objects, like in Photoshop or really any other drawing software (Lighten, Darken, Multiply, Color Burn, etc.)
    /It’s not urgent but would be able to make some really cool effects.

I will be adding these to the trello board


I think a few additions in the sprite editor would be really useful too

@“JR 01” Check out Aseprite editor or piskel (online software). Both are reaaaally good.

You should get attention of @grazer .

Oh thanks @PixelPizza, everything I made as of now is from the Flowlab sprite editor.

These are all great suggestions, thanks! Also thanks for adding them to Trello so they don’t get lost :slight_smile:

Another feature I recently thought that would be great is to control the hitbox size seperate from the sprite size. It would be great for a collision not to count just for clipping an object or enemy.

You could make a fake hitbox.
Make a smaller or bigger invisible but with collisions turned on.
And make the hitbox follow the main object.
@“JR 01”

Yeah @PixelPizza, that’s like what I have for a scoring hitbox for jumping over the enemy.
That’s probably what I will be doing, I just thought it would be a cool and easy to use feature for being able to edit the x and y raidus of the rectangle and circle hitboxes.

Could there be a toggle to

  • see the output of the object selected specifically
  • see what all the cloned object are outputting (like it does now)
    in the objects behavior?

A toggle to see the interface layer would be great too
Adding a mask in the interface layer makes it hard to see anything in the other layers

make it easier to make an FPS
and an fps counter