Using sumopaint for 3D

So, in SB3, I have tried to include a little 3D, faux 3D- in particular. How exactly did I do it? Simple… you know I said I use sumopaint? They have a 3D shapes editor. B1ACFE4C-310A-4218-A342-6545DDA1FCF0
The first picture is the original chaser sprite (without glowing)

Using sumopaint, the following image is the new one.

Ditto for the wave rider (I did end up making a new 2D sprite to replace it, as tiling 3D is weird.)
Anyway, hope that if anyone is interested in this kind of thing, that itll help.

Obviously, those 3D images arent true 3D, because if they were, how the heck are they supposed to get in to flowlab!

They are sprites, but look 3D… If that makes since

3D Sprite Rendering is how Donkey Kong Country was made. I may consider rendering sprites of Planet Tactix, so I don’t have to draw all the frames.



The Weaver from SB2… which also will be put into SB3.

Edit: done with the implementation, but this isnt about SB3, so back on topic.

@“Mhx Ar” I hope you find that tool helpful. It certainly is to me