Using undo on an animation frame.

Hello! Im having lots of fun with the sprite animator, but noticed a weird error. When I used undo on a frame that was not the one I was originally editing, it copies the frame I was originally editing onto the frame Im currently on. For example, say Im making art edits to frame 4 and I switch back to frame 2 to check my refernece. If Im still on frame 2 and hit undo, it copies frame 4 over top of frame 2 and cant be undone. I lost frames of animation due to this weirdness. :frowning:

Are there ways to copy frames of animation that are not the current last frame when you add a frame? Or ways to drag/rearrange the frames once youve drawn them?

Is it possible to rename an animation after youve created it?

Would it be possible to add an onion skin to the sprite editor so we can see a shaded out version of the previous frame when were drawing?

Would it be possible to add an editable swatch palette that retained our custom colors in a window outside of the color wheel?

Would it be possible to add a foreground/background color toggle to the draw tool. If you hit x you swap between two selected colors (or one color and the eraser). Then you could draw/erase/draw/erase or draw red/draw yellow much faster.

Regarding animation priority, are those values local to the object or global? Will a priority 20 animation in my player override a priority 10 animation in my target?