Using URL to gather data on user choices in games

I’m using FlowLab to teach a game design course at the high school where I teach, which is teaching remotely right now starting this week.
I’d like to use the URL block in the game to gather data on user choices during a game, an idea I got from an industry advisor. I’ve noticed that URLs open a new window and stop the game process. If the URL is simply a non invasive data gathering tool to improve the game, and sends data to a php file, for example, will it still open a window?
Is it possible to do what I’m talking about somehow? I just want to do testing for stuff like: did they click the blue button or the red one? Which path did they take through a platform maze? What tools/weapons does the player prefer?

you could save values using the save block and read them later outputing into a filter that can determine wether or not they touched an item

That sounds like a great idea on several fronts. That way I could send a batch of data from that user’s play session, including how long they played, etc. This would allow a much better study of what players are doing during the game. Could even save all the data like you’re saying and use php to create a new file or a new block in a file. Been a while since I did any php but it’s a pretty simple language.
thanks for the input!

your welcome thats great to hear as a self taught user

Hey I have a question for you @balerCampbell I’m just asking If you high school class is good at pixel art. Because I am a really good at it and if you need me to I could create a series of tutorial videos on YouTube about pixel art and like different basics of it like shading and stuff. You could show your class or assign them homeworks to watch the videos which would help them with their games and make them look more professional.

I have never heard of this idea before but it sounds really interesting.

The only problem I see is that you can’t really concatenate values into the URL. This would be easy to do with boolean values as it can be either true or false, but if you have an integer that can be any value between 1 and 100 for example, you’ll need 100 different URL blocks.

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Hey @balerCampbell - there is not an option to load a url “in the background”, but that for sure can be added as an option in the URL block’s settings. It would be a pretty straightforward addition as well.

I added a Trello card for this feature, and if it’s as simple as I expect then it’s possible it could land in the next release:

That sounds great! Thanks for giving it a look.

Great response from my students (including advanced students) on Flowlab.

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