Various issues in my game

So the majority of my work is on level 2

-The Moon Ground blocks don’t become inner corners if they’re on the bottom. It’s a weird problem, and I know my mistake of the animation naming doesn’t help.

-Wall jumping off grip walls that are on the right allows you to jump straight back onto the wall, instead of jumping across.

If anyone can fix these minor issues it would be awesome.


I had a quick glance at the code and I think it’s because you probably just forgot to change the ray casting for the bottom corners. I’m making a game and doing something similar to what you’re doing but using the position of the block instead of ray casting, so if you can’t figure out how to fix the corners just use position for the few corners you have to finish (forgot about ray casting, gonna move to that for the edges of blocks). For the wall jumping, I think if you increase the impulse slightly you should be fine (you can even increase the rate you fall down to making it harder if it’s still possible if you want the impulse to be smaller). Also once the impulse ends you can instantly change direction, so you can have something like ease go into the block from 0.9-1 but have it take as long as you want (you can also see if other blocks work better like speed/velocity).

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I think it could be a logic gate problem

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logic gate problem meaning that the ray casting is probably incorrect somewhere.

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Wait, can you elaborate on the positions concept?

what you do is you use a once block in 2 extractors (one for X and one for Y of the object), those go into 2 filter blocks that have equal to Z (Z is either the X/Y coordinate of the object). Then you have the pass output of those filters go into a logic get (AND gate). If it passes the end gate you have it go to the animation you want.

The ray-casting seems to be all correct, I’m wondering if it’s some detection change from the bottom and top of the objects.

Also, you can change an array of objects (either in a straight line or a box) using 2 extractors still but using 4 filters (they will be: greater than X-1, less than X+1, greater than Y-1, less than Y+1). The X filters will go into a logic gate and the Y filters will go into a logic gate. If both of the logic gates pass they go into a third gate that will go into the animation you want.

Using the array/position can be used for other things than animations like removing specific blocks when they receive a message or doing a specific thing only if they are at a certain location. It’s a nice little trick I learned having to work in the confines of free flowlab that makes the game almost limitless (you can change what they do and how they look with animations making an entirely new block made of 1 block).

OOOOO, This is confusing by what you just stated, But I think mine will work now, If I can find a way for the blocks to become empty, I’ve got all the other pieces working but this just doesn’t seem to.

Using ray casting is better than using position most of the time when doing it for a lot of edges, but if it’s a signal block position works better. The only reason I’m using position over ray casting is that flowlab doesn’t allow ray casting in background objects.

wdym “blocks to become empty”?

I have the “Empty” animation for the block when it is not touching the edge, but I can’t find a way for this animation to play, without overriding the other animations.

You can set the priority of animations in the animation block

But when I do that, it never uses the blank one.

You can also use a time to make sure some animations happen before/after others

This issue is that it’s still triggering one of the corners, and I’m not sure how,

If you can’t figure it out you can just use the position of it instead to say it’s a corner (you will have to do this for each bottom corner). It’s almost the exact same as the raycasting you’re using, but you replace the raycasting with extractors and filters.

Can you show an example of this?
So i’m not stuck for hours.