Vehicle Battlefield! (Test it now!)

Hey, Flowlabbers

The finished version of Vehicle Battlefield is ready to play. Please give Feedback.


Only art and sound improvements are needed. Then this could be a featured game!

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nice! I think some instructions and a clear goal would be very helpful, but even without those I made it here

Ok, I will make a better description. The goal is to follow the arrow sprites, destroy the enemy land base, and take down the enemy ship.

There already is a description with the objectives for each level.


What exactly needs improved art? I know the chase commit does, but what else? (So I can fix it.)

I was also wondering if the final level is hard enough. I’ve never beat it, but I know it’s possible.

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Just a suggestion, but you could add a arrow in the UI that rotates towards the goal

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Oh, good idea. Can you tell me how to make the object point at the objective? I know how to make the object on the UI but if I was going to make an arrow then I would want it to be like the Objective in Halo, where it moves across the screen and points at the objective.

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Use the point at behaviour, and make two global values that go into the x and y values of the point at behaviour, the two global will be the objectives x and y positions, and use the extract behaviour to extract them and set them to the global

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Moving the arrow would be complicated(I think) so just use the first one and maybe when the objective is on the screen it disappears and appears on the objective

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I have to get off now, thanks for the information. I will look into it tomorrow. This might be easy, and it might be really hard.

Basically everything. It’s really good rn but could be better.


I have the Globals set in the door to the next level;

and I have the point at in the arrow;

so it should work, right?

The problem is, it doesn’t. Here’s a picture:


I am working on upgrading the tank so please don’t play the game.


The new tank sprite is done, and the animation is smoother, not to mention: one can actually see if the treads are moving forewords or backwards. Here’s a picture of the Tank:

Since the attacher with the gun is completely useless I deleted it and took @John_Shrekinson’s recommendation and upgraded the sprite (A LOT). I can now work on the arrow and once that’s done, the game will be truly finished.

Thanks to all who have helped with this game up to now. The game worked out way better than I thought it would, thanks to you :slightly_smiling_face:.


Now I mean it. The game is finished, the objective arrow and the tank art is upgraded. The vehicle battlefield. Here is the link:Vehicle Battlefield!

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Final: @Grazer What do you think? Another game finished on your awesome game maker. I hope I didn’t bother you by tagging you.


The game is finished PLAY IT NOW!


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I don’t think you should be pinging a lot random people. Also please do not ping me for any other projects you have, thank you!


what deadcells fan said


Oh. I only tagged you and Pug because I wanted you to try the game. I doubt you could beat the whole three levels in one try, lol.

wait a sec!!!

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