Version 1.3 of Project T is out!!!
New features:
-Added a Brand new reloading mechanism that automatically reloads your 15 bullet pistol, (have the option to manually reload by pressing “L”.)
-Added a 15 second timer to take down all of the Targets. If you don’t shoot all the targets within that time, you’ll move onto the next level.

How to play:
-Left and Right Arrows = look around
-Spacebar = shoot
-R = restart game
-L = reload (once you hit 0, you’ll automatically reload.)

Have Fun, Players! Because I did making the game. :slight_smile:
~Reece (ReeceUsesFlowlab)

Version 1.3.1 is out!
Whats been updated:
-added 2 labels next to the ammo bar and timer that say, “Ammo:” and “Timer:”
-added auto-fire feature.
-added a scoreboard.
-changed ammo counter from a label to a bar
-rearranged labels and bars.

Stay Tuned for More Updates! :smiley:

Version 1.3.2 is out!
whats been updated:
-extended time limit from 15 to 20.

Version 1.3.3 is out!
whats been updated:
-added reload animations, (which in my opinion, are awful for the first time.)
-fixed a minor bug: when you press space when you’re bullets are empty, firing animations show

Version 1.3.4 is out!
whats been updated:
-reduced the max bullet limit from 15 to 12.

Version 1.3.5 is out!
whats been updated:
-updated congratulations menu.
-updated reload animation, (pixels used to show.)
-Bug Fixed: When manually, (not automatically) reloading, the full reload sound doesn’t play.

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