I’m sure a lot of people have requested this, but what if there video option? You know, where you could upload videos into the game, for instance, a game tutorial.

Actually, even though I personally haven’t seen that kind of option either, that would be very cool! Maybe you could request that to the owners! At least, I think you can suggest ideas to them… But that, as I said, would be really cool to be able to add videos! Just the only problem is making your own, because you know, copyright. /:

It has been requested here and there over the years, but we just now, and I mean just now got music uploading. Videos are massive, they would take forever to load, they will use a ton of memory, and hosting is not free at all. Now, if you wanted say, a YouTube video to load in your game, that is a lot more reasonable. Uploading a video however, I don’t see that happening. Maybe hotlinking, from a file hosting website, but even still, that would probably take pretty long to load.

Makes sense, Mhx Air.