[VIPERTECK ANNOUNCEMENT] The End of My Time Here is Near.

Mason [voice of and identity of Archer in HAKK3R, co-developer and animator, texture artist] and I [Founder of ViperTeck, creator of HAKK3R, voice and identity of G, Lead developer] have decided that we are going to go big with HAKK3R. We want it to be something more than what we’re enabled to make it now. I am going to start raising money in the following months, and I am going to start to build my first AAA game in the following year.

Which means that HAKK3R 2’s Flowlab version most likely, will not reach completed development. We as a team will leave Flowlab, very soon.
I know I’ve said this in the past, but things are finally starting to close out. The peak of my reign around the release of HAKK3R 1 has ended, and I am ready to embark on new ventures. I’m not saying goodbye yet, but I want you guys and girls to know; I’m not going to be staying here much longer…

welp now all we have is jr01 and a few others(sad boomer noises)