Viperteck announcements: 2.0

I created the official ViperTeck announcement page more than a year ago. I think it’s time for me to step up my game.


On August 15, 2020, FlowCon 2020 premieres on YouTube and Twitch! Stay tuned.

HAKK3R 2 is in development as we speak and will be showcased at FlowCon.

A huge thank you to “CROSSED SWORD GAMES” for heavily contributing to the development of FlowCon! [@“The Kodex”]

This log will not be very active until FlowCon begins, because I will be showcasing all of the big announcements there.

FlowCon Official Site:

discord name, i think i know you on the offical flowcon server

Yep, ImagibuilderOFFICIAL

heya flames


New Radio Channels Were Added
New Combat System V.24 was finished.
Multiple levels were added, alongside a revamped main menu.
City Travel System now works, with a compass and city map for easier transportation.

In other news…

FlowCon is getting closer, so we need your input! Place in any questions you may have for me, @“The Kodex”, or just Flowlab in general, and we’ll pick some of them out! Make sure they’re related to game development or Flowlab tho… :wink:


Beta combat system has been implemented
NPC tracking and pathfinding is now smarter and more efficient than any other system like it on Flowlab from what we’ve seen
Radio now has two channels and over 50 ads from within the city to add to the lore of the game, so you don’t need to listen to the default tracks of the game!
Intro is in beta, which means the series now has a backstory that is told directly.
Profiles have been added and revamped in HAKK3R 2, making HAKK3R 1’s profile section look really bad :lol:
Monarchia has been expanded, and there are now over 50 locations to visit, from all around the city!
The base of Mission 3 is done.
A Hype Button has been added to the Main Menu, which you can press however many times you want! The number of presses worldwide is displayed next to it.
The Credits of the Game are finished for now.

I hope you guys enjoy HAKK3R 2, gameplay footage and a storyline will be revealed at FlowCon 2020. (=

“Sound Update”
After a long night of work, I’ve come out with some new information!

The full song list of the game has been placed in, making HAKK3R 2 have the biggest soundtrack of any other game on Flowlab, not including the radio channels.
But on that note, all songs for the radios have been confirmed, making it so that this game will boast over 150 songs to listen to on the radio!
More ads have been recorded, and are being implemented into the game.
Better combat SFX have been added, replacing the old ones.
You can now randomly interact with objects mid battle, which each have their own SFX.

I’ve missed so much!

@“gameraider374”, you certainly have. BTW, what happened to your main account, seamothmaster? Just curious…

Forgot my password

Wait, there’s a FlowCon?? I have to check this out when it’s live…

What do we expect to be coming for the FlowCon? And is @grazer gonna be involved at all? Either way, looks fun and I hope I can check it out:D

@rcreger FlowCon 2020 isn’t going to be an official Flowlab event, but a lot of members are involved, and some big ones too. If you want, I can gladly sign you up for something, and if you have a big game project you’re working on, you can have a segment for it as well.
We’re hoping we’ll make enough of an impact to get Grazer interested for next year. (=
-Here’s the link to the site:

@browngr when flowcon start again?

@glithctyrus FlowCon 2020 starts on August 15th at 5:00 PM PT.

@browngr thanks for getting back to me! I’m not sure what I’d be able to do, especially with the new and more time demanding job I’ve just got recently. That also goes for new projects, which I don’t have Indie (yet) or a better PC (yet again) to make more steady games, especially having made all three of my free games. Yeah, I could just make another account, but that’s not something I’d like to resort to. Hopefully, in the future, I’d be able to present at a FlowCon with a project.

And good luck for getting @grazer on board! He’s very busy, so you’d be lucky if he could help out, but fingers crossed!

I’ll try to check in on August 15th, and if I miss it, I’ll just watch it later when it’s not live. Either way, excited! Good luck all!

@rcreger I understand, no shade! And thanks for the kind words, I appreciate them! FlowCon airs at 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

@browngr will you be posting the stream afterwards, where late viewers can watch the full thing if they miss it?

Yep! It’ll be posted on my channel; GThei


If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve got planned for the future, or just want to learn more about HAKK3R in general, check this out! [Still in progress as of August 2020]

Sweet, well done @browngr

I love a good background story :slight_smile: