ViperTeck Needs Your Word!

As the official development date reaches near for our next game, we want your word on our next game!

Do You want a HAKK3R 2 game, or a new game, called Portal?

Portal is a game about an unnamed soldier in an alien army. Like the Lanterns, the Phases are important in the survival of life. When the Plasmonians’ leader lost his mind, he destroyed the planet of Portalia. No one survived, except for that one soldier. You play as that soldier in an attempt to save the rest of the Phases, and life itself. This WILL be a multiple part series. Would you like this to be our next game? OR. Another HAKK3R Game! [I can’t tell you the plot, because the HAKK3R 1 has already happened, and there’s no way to not spoil it. But, I can tell you this: New characters, locations, bigger map in general, different core villain, new combat system + much, much, much more.]

Well? The choice is yours. (=


Thanks for your vote!


Interesting. Thanks!
Similar results came in with the survey, too!