ViperTeck Scouting!

These days around, ViperTeck is looking for people who meet a set of requirements. If you meet them, please consider joining ViperTeck as a voice actor or/and Dev Team Programmer/ Artist!

  1. You must have a paid for version of Flowlab.
  2. It’s preferred that you are older. That isn’t exact, but I’d say around late teens and anything above. I’ll feel more comfortable making you say the bad stuff, should you want to do voice acting, and also, it just goes hand in hand with experience with Flowlab, and maturity when it comes to adult content. (Blood, language, etc.)
  3. If you wish to join the Dev Team, you must have a full understanding of Flowlab’s system. More info here:
  4. You must be able to access a quiet place when doing recording, if you do so. No professional recording software is required, but is not prohibited.
  5. You must be dedicated, especially if you are doing voice acting. You’ll have a lot to say, so if you quit before the end of your script, we’ll have to scrap it all, and find someone new.
    And that’s it! I know it’s a lot to ask, but if you fail to meet one of these, (suiting your chosen position) then you may fall behind. ESPECIALLY with the 5th requirement. If you aren’t dedicated, then you just can’t join ViperTeck. We work hard for our people, and our people work hard for our supporters. Those who do not work hard for their supporters, don’t get a place in ViperTeck.
    So, with that in mind, we really hope that you can join. For anyone who just discovered ViperTeck, we’re glad to have you here! To anyone who meets the requirements and would like to join, welcome aboard! We’re happy to have you here.

I feel like I got punched in the guts

I’m sorry you feel that way. Any specific reason why? I know you don’t meet the requirements of number 2, but that’s about it, as far as I know. If that bothers you, I’m sorry. It’s our policy.

I just feel left out

I can’t work on it either.

Look, I know, I should have stated it earlier. But what else do you guys want? You can’t do voice acting because of the mature language and adult voices, but the programming can’t be done either because it requires working with recordings of the voices, and lots of blood. It’s rated Mature for a reason. I’m sorry, there’s nothing you can do. And advertising Fallout at your schools isn’t smart either, for the same reasons.

Wait a minute, what about HAKK3R?

HAKK3R will be worked on after Fallout Anarchy. It will be our next game.

So can I work on HAK- You know what? Forget it. You’ll deny it anyway.

Hey! Don’t get (even more) pouty with me! I gave you my expectations, and instead of accepting them, you whined, complained, unlike everyone else who didn’t meet them. I can easily guess that there were more users than just Polarbeer who had been rejected by the requirements, but they didn’t even comment on it! You, are the only one who is doing this. You are the only one who is protesting against my policy. Let that soak in. And actually, yes, I would have let you in on HAKK3R, because that one is appropriate. But I change my mind. Be careful with your choice of words next time.

Now. Back to scouting! Anyone who meets the requirements is welcome! Please consider joining if you do! We need the support. And anyone who would like to continue after completion of Fallout Anarchy is welcome to join in on HAKK3R! (Fallout Anarchy is scheduled for completion by 2022, so don’t just join for HAKK3R. You’ll be waiting for a while…)


It’s fine.

Can I join hakker too?

HAKK3R isn’t for another three years at least, but I’ll mark you down.

Ok, considering in still around(not that I’m gonna die)