1:some random NSGVR update
2:NSG Simulator
3:Some undertale au
5:Five Nights at Okayies

More details please?

Details about what,just vote.

i vote 6. I think your game idea for a parody of Fallout featuring graphic frontal male nudity is very innovative. Great work.

There is no 6…there’s only 1-5…

Would NSGCraft be like a crafting game similar to Minecraft, if so then I vote for number 4.

Edit: dont mean to be rude but I have to side with @ramshacklegamestudios that there does need to be a little bit more description about what each of the five games you plan on making so people can have a more better understanding of what they are voting for.

no vote number six plz

@puallarenken I would rather not. That seems a bit inappropriate for this. I like the idea of a fallout parody but not the rest.

Well,I haven’t played fallout,so I can’t do that.I’m also not some 18+ idiot.

@ManiacPumpkin is the only reasonable one in this discussion.

so I’m not being reasonable asking for more details on what I’m voting for?

I thought you were being reasonable @Ramshacklegamestudios

@Gamer20 what @Ramshacklegamestudios is trying to say is that your ideas dont have any details. For example, explain to people that dont know, what is nsg. Or explain the premise of Five Nights at Okayies.

PS: Although clearly being a joke, the Fallout idea could unironically be innovative.

@Gamer20 I recently made a inventory system so a minecraft style game seems like a cool idea

@Gamer20 sent me a very angry dm. that’s not very nice.

@peullarenken I didnt.
Edit:Just noticed you were talking about flowlab,so ok.

Five Nights at Okayies - Just FNAF.What do you expect?
some random NSGVR update - An update for NSGVR.Adding more stuff.
Undertale -Using a separate account for this.It’s very low quality.
NSG Sim - Idk.
NSGCraft - a very complicated NSG Game.

what is flowlab?

Flowlab is a website in which you can create games of just any genre in a 2D based platform ( which can be changed with advanced coding and art)
My definition of Flowlab is that flow could stand for how you can learn and adapt while also having fun, like a process of going down a river or stream. All rivers lead to the ocean which could resemble the education and knowledge of the basics of coding just from starting out small and into something much more. And lab could mean the fact that it relates to science could help define coding in a unique way.

@puellarenken what you’re using to post your comments. it’s the flowlab forums. Thats part of flowlab.