VS. 3 update/log

The new VS. 3 makes the series my first trilogy.

This page has all the updates listed.

Also i wanted peoples opinion on the new themes i have made before i add them.
Main theme: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sbs58p1f5rsdxhy/VS.mp3?dl=0
Stage select: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gs1iadh4eoi2oys/VS.%203%20stage%20select.m4a?dl=0
To prevent any use by other people. Its still in .m4a format

play here

This game is extremely hard to make compared to the original and the 2nd/sequel.

the title screen Is no longer a red screen like the others, it has a BG
same with the Select screen
i just added the music in too

Love the game,also nice music and art!

Vote: 1 for CPU, 2 for more characters.



8 more votes- majority rules over

Hey-in general, what are some ideas, it could be a new stage