Wall Detection

I am creating a second edition to my game, The Mad Stabber, and I would like to know if there is any way I could have an entity detect the walls from a randomly sized rectangular room, and take the information it took and spit it out as 4 numbers: the top and bottom wall x-axis and the left and right wall y-axis. The use of the grid is easier or me but if that is not possible, I will work with the pixel coordinates.

First of all - nice job on the Mad Stabber, I like that game :slight_smile:

I don;t really understand what you’re asking for though, sorry. Can you maybe give me a high-level view of what you’re trying to accomplish?


He’s asking for a proximity like trigger but only limits it to a field of view (in the forward direction)

He also wants said trigger to detect when a nearby object makes a sound (not a GUI obj) then face toward that said object…

I don’t think that’s right @jngthree - he didn’t mention anything about object proximity.

@grazer I posted at the wrong thread…