Wall. Walls? THE WALL?

Yeah, thanks to code alpalca, I now have a randomly generated tower. Sort of. It doesn’t have walls. I’m trying to make a program that doesn’t black out everything, that would look kinda awkward, right? maybe? I don’t really know. Below is an image of… the horror.

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Im here to help! please send me the link and clarify what you are trying to say thanks!


Sure! I’m trying to make a wall system that places walls around the floor, it is mildly succeeding near the bottom.

Link is: Flowlab Game Creator - Multiversal Tower

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thanks, i will go have a look…
So, It does look complicated. so i give you 3 options.

  1. make multiple floors i.e tower 1, tower 2. etc although it takes a lot of time, floors but the solution is guaranteed
  2. create a lot of sprites, i.e floor 1, floor 2, floor 3. and when you finish a level, broadcast floor 2. then make only floor 2 receive it and the rest is disabled collisions. and the previous floor is destroyed. and when you finish again, broadcast floor 3 and have floor 3 receive it. those that arent floor 3 is disabled and previous floors are destroyed. this does take a long time, Again, guaranteed solution. but takes a lot more time and a lot more sprites. if you are lazy, you might place around 20 maps of sprites, then when you finish a level, it randomizes the next level
  3. idk. just when you need last resort.
    i hope this does help :+1:(Good Luck!)