Want to have a HUGE conversation with an NPC? Look no further!

Check out the Info Trader in the library!
Having a conversation in Flowlab is easy, but having a REAL conversation sounds difficult. But in reality, it’s really simple!

uh…wtf do you mean?

Okay, since I have no idea what you mean either, let me explain:
Having a conversation with no choice simply requires alerts hooked up to each other.
But, with a bit of elbow grease, switches, keyboard triggers, and alerts, you can create fully choice based conversation.
Check the sprite library in the link above and check the “info trader”.

so no offense, but why does it look like your characters crip walking, AND having a seizure at the same time whenever its walking left/right, u need to fix that lol

Well, you’re on the team now, I’ll put you onto the team once I get everything figured out, and you can alter it to your liking. I’m a horrible pixel artist for animation, I will admit. But, I’m pretty okay when it comes to objects, I guess. But that’s why we have you!

browngr, sorry for kind of complaining, but Fallout Anarchy’s map is tiny, and there’s no story. Or is it just my computer?

Fallout Anarchy has a very, very long way to go. It’s not your computer, it’s just that the game is in a less-than-demo state right now.
The map is actually huge, but it’s still being built, so to refrain from creating spoilers, I’ve created a barrier for the players.

Ahh, ok, thanks! I really look forward to ‘released’ game. And if you don’t want anyone to see it before that, why don’t you turn on don’t display on games list?

EDIT: Cause I found the rest of the map real quickly using the… I’d rather not say for the spoilers. Just saying! I was real curious. Well, probably not the WHOLE map.

Also, if you don’t want the character to have a seizure, just turn on loop animations on your walking animation.

Wow! I tested out the info trader and it was so cool!

Thanks! The game’s still in beta, and we were wondering if we should give them a beta to play or not. We decided that we should, but if you guys think differently, then we can simply take it off the games list. Thanks for the feedback and have a great day!

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