Warriors of Aaeris

Hey Guys! The game I promised in my last post is started! It won’t be a Skyrim Fangame, because I have planned making money wuth it in the future. Try it and tell me bugs! (no need to tell me animation glitches, I know them already)

Try making your own art instead of using other peoples art assets.

It was licence-less, free to use and made for game devs, so I don’t know how it is not good.

It’s not original.

No link, but ok, if you want i will do em myself

you can do whatever you want, im just saying that its not original

Hey @Cactus_Studios ! I wasn’t able to play the game yet due to being on mobile at the moment (I will when I get back from work), but regarding the topic about artwork - it’s alright to make a small game with premade pieces, as it is more for yourself. However, for a profitable game, people who buy it would expect your work, not work that anyone can get for free online. You know what I mean? If it was a regular, just for fun titles, then yeah, definitely go for it! But for a profit, it just may not seem satisfactory to a consumer.

Oh @rcreger don’t play now, im re-making it

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