So, I was recently challenged by @browngr to make water. Not really, but I was bored so boom. This discussion happens.
My original idea is bouyancy. If we can set global variables for the weight of an object, then have that determine it’s up force whilst in water, that would be the first major step toward concluding this great puzzle.
@“The Kodex”

@meburningslime I have done it in the level called water:

Its not perfect but its something

@“The Kodex” I think we can refine it by having it ease back up instead of just slamming straight like a torpedo. Try that.

On the phone, so can’t do anything. This has been discussed before, hasn’t it?
It’s just maths. You define an imaginary numeric water level. When the object hits the water you extract it’s Y position. Then you calculate an opposite Y force/impulse to ‘lift’ it, taking into account how deep it is under the imaginary water level. So deep=strong force, close to the top=weak force, just enough to balance it. Using normal Y gravity if we talk about side view game.
And if you want to make it really realistic you also take the objects velocity into account.

Only found an old gif from a test I did ages ago. Looks a bit chopped in the gif, but was smooth.

Hope that gives you enough info @meburningslime to finish it :slight_smile:
Basically the same as @“The Kodex” did, just taking the Y position/difference into account to change the velocity (divide by difference + factor to adjust)
Or the other way around ‘difference * factor = velocity’

@TinkerSmith thats just the first half. The second part is to mske it spread.

Not me at the moment, busy with @thebrickccentric on a private project.
We will come back to it eventually. But curious to see what you come up with in the meantime :slight_smile: